Pretorius Orthopaedic Services (PTY) LTD

Specializes in Orthotic and Prosthetic

Pretorius Orthopaedic Services (PTY) LTD

The business practices a rule of doing things the right way, they ought to be done


Mr. Deon Pretorius trained as a Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist in Pretoria and completed a four-year Apprenticeship under the Auspices of the Pretoria Steve Biko Hospital.


The business was conceptualized by two shareholders, namely Mr. Deon and Mrs. Ilse Pretorius. Deon trained as Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist in Pretoria and completed a four-year Apprenticeship under the Auspices of the Pretoria Steve Biko Hospital. He also had to register with the Health Professional Council of South Africa in 1986 to comply with his trade in this field substantiated by the respective Practice No: 0084 093. He is also registered with the board of Health Care Funders and is approved by all medical aids included: Rand Mutual, WCA, RAF, FEM, Harmony Vendor, and also registered with Compsol. The two saw the opportunity, became aware of the demand, and researched where to locate their business to reach the targeted market and acquire more clients.

The entrepreneurs have been running this business informally for the past 8 years and have seen that it has the potential to make profits at the same time meeting also their demands respectively; they came to a conclusion that it is imperative for them to take this business into another dimension of diversifying it by traveling a new road they have never traveled before. Firstly, by putting it at every database at their disposal; secondly, by knocking at every door that might be opened for them. They ultimately complied with the ethical principles of running a business professionally by registering it this year as a Private Company, Registration No: 2016/209912/07 with a full BBBEE status accreditation level 4 in terms of DTI’s Codes of Good Practice and the Manufacturing Section Charter. Pretorius Orthopaedic Services (PTY) LTD started operating under the watchful eyes of these very experienced, motivated, and innovative entrepreneurs

The business is located at 312 Long Road, Unit 10, Indiana Spur Building, Welkom CBD. Since its establishment, five employees have been employed plus the owners who have self-employed themselves. The demand for this business is very high and it is sustainable because as long as we live there will always be accidents, natural disasters, diseases, crimes, wars, etc. Therefore the establishment of this business has indeed become another way of helping the government to fight and eliminate poverty that ambient our society; hence that is why the entrepreneurs had decided to integrate their available skills and experience to establish this kind of business whilst at the same time they were also adhering to the government’s call of alleviating poverty; by creating jobs for themselves personally and five others, even though their ultimate goal is to make a profit.


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